Colors You Didn’t Think Would Look Great in Your Kitchen But Do (1)

Colors You Didn’t Think Would Look Great in Your Kitchen But Do

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When it comes to figuring out what your dream home will look like one of the last things you worry about is the color of your kitchen. Often times neutrals are used as kitchen colors, but we’re here to dare you to be bold. Here are a few colors you didn’t think would look great in your kitchen but do to consider for your remodeling job.

Denim Blue

This is one that most people would never venture to use as colors for a kitchen, but the cool blue tones will kick your kitchen up to the next level. Not only is it a timeless color that never goes out of style (much like those jeans you’ve had for years) but it also modernizes your space without breaking your budget.

Using the denim blue as either trim or an accent wall with a fun backsplash in a neutral tone to complement it is the perfect blend of classic and modern that will bring your kitchen into the new era.

Raspberry Red and Blush Pink

These two set such a warm and lovely tone that with light golden accent pieces will breathe new life into your kitchen. Using a blush for the main wall colors with little raspberry accents throughout add small details that make a world of difference.

These colors are especially fun because it opens up a lot of different kinds of decorating options. The copper that is all too popular right now will look great with raspberry red as your main color choice, where the rose gold accents will pop should you go with more of a muted blush pink. It’s a win, win regardless of which you choose.

Burnt Yellow

Often times kitchens are more of a lemon-yellow color. While the pop of brightness is lovely, it’s been done so many times that it can feel less personal. The burnt more vintage of a yellow, however, gives you the same bright happy feel without being overdone. Instead, you’ll be able to get more of a rustic vibe going throughout and having an antique look will open up your decorating options to a whole other realm of possibilities.

Ways to Make Your Kitchen Remodel More Affordable

Ways to Make Your Kitchen Remodel More Affordable

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When you begin a remodeling project it can seem like a huge undertaking and financially intimidating. Kitchens are often one of the pricier projects and with so much detail to think about, you’ll be stretching your budget every step of the way. Luckily there are a few easy ways to make your kitchen remodel more affordable this time around.

To begin with, you’ll want to lay out your master plan before actually beginning anything. This will allow you to know what you can and can’t afford right off the bat as well as help you to plan for possible problems down the road. You’ll be able to look up alternative ways of getting the same looks for a better price, and compare the costs of your items without committing right away.

One of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen remodel is replacing old cabinets. In some cases, you may be able to cut this pricey corner by simply investing in some white paint. White paint is the perfect brightener to cover up outdated cabinet designs and it far more cost efficient when compared to a complete cabinets replacement. So, before you commit to a brand-new set of kitchen cabinets, try out the paint option. It’ll modernize your kitchen with the stroke of a brush and save you hundreds of dollars.

Lighting will soon become your best friend. By adjusting and adding to the light fixtures you already have set up (or hanging a few more) it will automatically brighten up your kitchen as well as give it a step in the more modern direction. Under-cabinet lighting is one of the hottest new trends and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This is perfect because it will breathe life into whichever color your walls are and give your tiled areas and counter top and brand new glow.

And finally, don’t forget to design around your plumbing. Changing sink locations and other plumbing areas is what will end up sucking up the majority of your budget. Starting prices for a plumbing upheaval are $5,000 alone. So keep your appliances right where they are and work from there!

Top Choices for Countertop Designs

Top Choices for Countertop Designs

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Remodeling your kitchen involves thinking about all of the details right from the beginning. With so much on your mind, it can seem hard to focus in on small aspects, so let’s look at the big details first. Here are a few of the top choices for countertop designs this season that you’ll want to be sure to check out before your remodeling project is under weigh.

One of the best countertops to invest in are quartz based. They are perfect for those who don’t want to have to worry too much about protecting them from your typical kitchen issues. They’re virtually scratch, heat, stain, and acid resistant due to the non-porous nature of the surface. They also don’t have to be sealed the same way that natural stone countertops do. Since quartz is such a diverse stone, they are also typically available in a variety of colors or patterns should you so choose, which make your counter tops the flexible accent piece that you never thought they could be.

Polished granite counters are still one of the more popular choices for kitchens today. Granite is perfect because it comes with its own natural design and can add a pop of pattern and color to your kitchen that fits seamlessly with your already blooming design. While matching slabs can be difficult simply because it’s a naturally designed stone, it’s a great low maintenance countertop as well.

Laminate countertops are a wonderful alternative to wooden ones. Not only are they more affordable than wooden countertops but they also have a ton of new patterns for you to choose from. You can get material that appears to be quartz or granite as well as ones that resemble wood. This is perfect if you’re remodeling on a budget because you get the look and convenience of every type of countertop you love, without having to financially commit to something as pricey as the stone tops can get.

Marble countertops are one of the most expensive to invest in but are also some of the most classic and beautiful designs out there. The veining in marble can help to disguise blemishes that the countertop is bound to acquire over the years as well as provide you with a beautifully polished look.

Creating a Color Palate with Your Flooring and Countertop Choice

Creating a Color Palate with Your Flooring and Countertop Choice

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When dealing with a remodeling project, your number one must do on the top of your list should be creating a color palate with your flooring and countertop choice. These are the two main aspects that will go into your kitchen that you’ll need to have ironed out early. This is what everything else will be designed around so here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

To begin with, you’ll want to pick two complementary dominant colors. By keeping these colors more neutral like dark brown and cream or white, you’ll be able to change your kitchen more easily should you ever choose to remodel again because you won’t necessarily have to replace any flooring. Once you have your two main colors picked out, it’s time to choose an accent color. This will tie the whole room together as well as give you your starting point for designing and decorating the rest of the kitchen.

You’ll want to begin by picking your countertops because that is the more diverse aspect of this process. They come in many different colors and designs that can be easily complimented by flooring so definitely start here. While you’re considering different types of countertops you’ll want to also consider the possibility of having a back splash as well. You won’t want your counter to clash with your backsplash so figure out what accents you want to use in that before ironing down what countertop you’ll be choosing.

Once you’ve done this it’s time to deal with the flooring. You can either match the flooring with your cabinets, or you can use this as an opportunity to create contrast and choose colorful cabinets and a more neutral floor. This part is entirely variant and dependent on your own personal esthetic choices. Use these tones to help you choose your wall colors as well. If you go for neutral warms on your cabinets and flooring, try and use a brighter warm tone as an accent wall to brighten and breathe more life into your kitchen helping to make it feel even more like a home than it already does.

What are the Different Types of Window Treatments-

What are the Different Types of Window Treatments?

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When doing a complete overhaul of your home or even just redesigning one room, details are what make or break your project. Some of these details are ones you wouldn’t even think about initially, but end up stressing out about later on. One of the main ones is window treatments. Often times people will ask what are the different types of window treatments? We’re here to give you a concise list of a few of the most popular ones to help get you started in the right direction.

Shutters are one of the most classic looks for a window treatment. Not only does it add structure and symmetry to a room, but it also can warm a room up by allowing the perfect amount of light in throughout the day. They are lovely for bathrooms and kitchens mostly, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try them out on different areas of your home. More people have started designing with them in bedrooms as well due to the way that the shutters allow soft amounts of light into large spaces as well as the elegance of the design.

Solar shade window treatments are perfectly opaque and allow you to have a substantial amount of control over how much light you’re letting in at one time, without entirely blacking out a room either. They’re better known as “window sunglasses” for the nature of the design and nothing could be more of an accurate description.

Faux wood blinds are a great alternative to real wooden blinds. Not only do they still give you the structure and the elegance of a wooden blind, but they are also far more affordable and will be more resistant to moisture. This makes them the perfect kind of blind to use in a bathroom or kitchen because real wood when exposed to moisture cracks and warps whereas the faux wood will be able to withstand it all.

Woven shades are another great alternative to solar shades. They come in a variety of colors and materials which can be used to accent your room as well. On top of this, they can be lined so that for bedrooms in particular, you can block out all light while trying to sleep while preserving the look of the woven design in the room as well.

Choosing Decorative versus Practical Window Shades

Choosing Decorative versus Practical Window Shades

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 Deciding on window treatments for different rooms in your home can be a nightmare. Not only do you have to consider the design of the room in general, but you also have to consider how the treatment will be in terms of use as well. Choosing decorative versus practical window shades doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely separate ideas. Instead, here’s a few tips to get creative when decorating your windows.

Test out some cloth shades, to begin with. Not only are these some of the most affordable ones to go with, but cloth comes in virtually every color and design so you really can’t go wrong. There’s something for every room and you can get the fabric as sheer or as impermeable as you would like. The affordability allows you to really try different fabrics and figure out which amount of light works for you as well as keeping your shades from dulling the sparkle of your perfectly designed room.

London shades are a wonderful style that will add the perfect amount of volume and depth to your window treatment as well as class. They have two gatherings and a sheer shade can be draped behind it to add a little bit of modest privacy to your room as well. They aren’t as voluminous as the balloon shade, which has gatherings throughout, but will give you just eh right amount of depth that a normal Roman shade would lack.

Roller shades are also a wonderful option because they too are made out of fabric and are easily retracted and detracted from the roller that they sit on. Because of this, they are a great shade for bedrooms and living room areas where day time might warrant wide open light and night time might be cause for lowering the shade.

Regardless of which type of shade you choose know that there will always be room for change and try to start with your more affordable options when testing out shade’s ability to be practical versus aesthetically pleasing. Here’s to hoping that what you love looks wise provides you with all you practically need a window treatment.

Start Planning for Your Fall Remodel with These Steps

Start Planning for Your Fall Remodel with These Steps

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When it comes to beginning a remodel for the fall time, you’ll want to consider all of your options at first. It can seem intimidating to begin a remodeling project so late in the year, but here are a few ways to help put your mind at ease and start planning for your fall remodel with these steps.

To begin you’ll want to make a list of everything you’ll need to do and need to purchase. Planning is a huge factor simply because it’s the best way to iron out your budget and figure out what you can afford. It’s also a great way to understand fully what you’re undertaking before jumping in head first to your project. With a solid plan, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence as well as prevent you from having to deal with too many issues later on.

Now it’s time to reach out to the people you’ll need in order to accomplish this remodeling project. At first it may be tempting to undertake the entire thing on your own for the sake of saving money, but hiring help to guide you along the way could be the wisest investment you make. This will keep you on schedule and make sure that people who are trained in how to do the remodeling are doing the very best work in your home.

Once you’ve got your plan in place and have your professionals on deck and ready to go, you’ll want to start sketching out exactly what you want with your contractor. Once you’ve done this you can start to worry about designing and the small details that make a remodeling project so fun! Some of the best memories you’ll have from your remodel will be painting the walls with your family and friends as well as picking out things like flooring and counter tops. While details seem so far in the future, it can be a great way to really ground yourself and keep your end goal in mind. Day dreaming about color scheme is the easiest way to get through the demolition days of your remodeling project, so dream away!

Is Carpet or Hardwood Better in Warm Climates- (1)

Is Carpet or Hardwood Better in Warm Climates?

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When designing your new home, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is carpeting versus hardwood flooring. Something you never thought you would have to consider is whether one might be better suited for a particular climate. So, is carpet or hardwood better in warm climates?

When it comes to warmer climates one of the main things you should consider about hardwood flooring is your humidity levels. Since it’s a natural flooring material, humidity and moisture can greatly effect it’s longevity in your home. Direct sunlight can also be harmful to the wood and the UV rays will dull it more rapidly than in other areas.

This being said, hardwood flooring is great to come home to on a hot day. Because of the nature of hardwood, it tends to stay cooler year-round and will help you save tons of money on central air in your home. They also are a longer lasting medium when designing your home. Hardwood if cared for correctly will last for upwards of 100 years and is the easiest surface to clean as well which makes it a great family friendly investment.

When it comes to climate, carpet also doesn’t fair well with a humid environment. Since the material carpets are made of aren’t the most porous in nature, they tend to trap moisture which can eventually lead to mold and other undesirable spots on your floor. In warm climates, carpet can seem hot and almost heavy in a way.

Carpet however, is faster and cheaper to install. While wood floors may be easier to clean, carpet can be maintained almost just as well with a yearly steam clean and consistent vacuuming as well. They also allow you to have more exciting designs and color variety, as well as being your most affordable flooring option. Carpets also hide dirt and need to be cleaned less often and now they have synthetic fiber carpets that are more stain resistant than ever which makes carpeting seem all the more appealing. Due to the variety you can afford with carpets, you’ll never be limited in decorating later on.

Dress Up Your Living Space with Stylish Area Rugs

Dress Up Your Living Space with Stylish Area Rugs

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When it comes to redesigning a room sometimes it’s the smallest things that will make the biggest difference. There’s so much to consider when it comes to this that you’ll want to also keep in mind that sometimes, easy is the answer. Here’s a few ways to dress up your living space with stylish area rugs in your home.

To begin you’ll want to consider the fact that families and pets will inevitably be part of what you factor in when choosing a rug. If you have a big family and pets, you’ll want to go for carpets that can easily be cleaned and are patterned because this can help hide the wear and tear that the rug with go through. You’ll also need to consider how big or small you’ll want your rug to be. Does a square sharp edged cut match your aesthetic more than a round or oval rug? Do you want it to be neutrally toned or vibrant in coloring? All of these are questions you’ll need to ask yourself before committing to your accent piece.

An area rug is also a great way to tie in other pops of color in your room. Choosing one with a lot of colors in it opens up the ability for you to have those same various colors repeated throughout the room in other large scale ways that you may have never thought of before. An area rug can also be the perfect bright complement to neutrally toned walls. This will keep you from wanting to repaint all of the time as well as being a cost-efficient alternative to changing too much in your home.

Area rugs are also great for defining spaces. They can be of great use in studio apartments when you want to break up a continuous room, so don’t be afraid to have more than one area rug in your space at the same time. This is a very modern way to define space and keeps you from having to worry about any kind of divider or curtain situation and instead allows you to keep your open concept room alive.

Best Ways to Decorate with Area Rugs

Best Ways to Decorate with Area Rugs

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Some of the best ways to decorate with area rugs involve you focusing more on what is surround it than the actual rug itself. They can breathe new life into a room and tie the entire thing together if you use the colorings in it appropriately. They’ll add a cozy feeling to any family room and keep you feeling as though all of your spaces are loosely structured in the best way and help a room come together and feel like a true home.

To begin it’s important to consider what type of room you’re adding your rug to and what the context of your home is. Do you have a large family? Any pets? Do you host a lot of family parties? If this is true then you’ll want to consider a rug that is easily washable as well as one that has a pattern on it. This will hide stains and the natural wear and tear it will endure, making it more cost effective for you.

Some of the most important details are the coloring of the rug and the shape of it. If you have an open concept home you can use them to define your spaces separately and typically rectangular and any angularly shapes work best for this. However, if you’re looking to warm up a room, more round designs tend to be what works.

Outside of the shape, you can use the colors of your room to help you choose what accent colors you want present in your area rug. This can tie the whole room together with one purchase and save you loads of time and money because it will keep you less tempted to just over haul the entire room and repaint the walls as well. As much fun as redecorating is, it can be a pricey game, so try using an area rug as your “redecoration” and see if that helps to ease your mind and bring the room together. Regardless of which style or color you choose, keep in mind that the best part about area rugs is the flexibility you have to change them!