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Tips for Brightening up Your Home

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The amount of light we have in our homes can make a huge difference not only to our decor but also to our overall mood. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as opening up your blinds and letting the sunshine in. You might need to get creative. Then there’s the question of privacy – just because you want light in your home doesn’t mean you want the entire neighborhood seeing in.

So how can you brighten your home? Take a look at the following tips:

Window Treatment

The biggest factor in how bright your home is depends on your choice of window treatment. There are plenty of ways you can encourage natural light without giving up your privacy – one of the most favored ones we’re seeing in 2019 is sheer, lightly colored curtains. They add a luminous and elegant touch to your home without blocking natural light. Another option to look into is blinds constructed using the same material – these provide a higher degree of privacy and are easier manipulate. Then there’s design. There are cafe curtains, dual shades, vertical panels, as well as blinds that drop down from the top of the window. All these options provide you with ample light, brightening up your home greatly.

Lighter Flooring

Flooring demands a huge portion of your room on a visual level, so by opting for a lighter choice you can immediately brighten up any space. Light doesn’t have to mean a lack of character – patterns are extremely on trend (geometrics, vintage-inspired) as well as textures. You can opt for lighter woods if you’re getting new floorings, or use bright area rugs if not.

Bright and Light Cabinets

You’d be surprised by how much of your eye is taken up by cabinet space in the kitchen and bathroom. By opting for lighter cabinets, you can immediately brighten up any space. If you don’t have the budget to replace your kitchen anew, look into getting just cabinet doors instead. You can also consider using reflective fronts, including shiny materials, glass, and mirrors.

Flooring Ideas and Inspiration

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Flooring shouldn’t be an afterthought when designing your home; it alters the entire feel and energy of a room and is an important part of your overall decor. But how do you make a statement with your flooring choices? Take a look over the following inspirational ideas…


Texture often gets overlooked when it has a big impact not only on comfort, but also on the aesthetic of a room. Playing a big part in current trends, there are so many different types of texture to choose from – think distressed woods, woven rugs, and cut pile fibers.


Don’t just pick any old doormat – opting for a stylish piece sets the tone of your home straight of the bat. Doormats should ideally be a darker color in order to ensure their longevity, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetic. Look into elegant patterns in deep shades to make your doormat both functional and fashionable.


Don’t be scared of patterns, whether on carpet or tiles. You might be scared of looking too busy, but don’t let that limit you. Patterns help provide depth and contrast, so experiment – you might be surprised.


The great thing about modern flooring is you can get the look you want without the price tag. Bamboo, vinyl, concrete, and laminate can all imitate more expensive flooring options (hardwood or tile for example) at a fraction of the cost. Some are even engineered to be more durable than their pricier counterparts.

Clash of Colors

Color clashes aren’t just limited to your walls, try being bold by adding a patterned, bold, and bright area rug to liven a room up. You’re not just limited to soft materials; play around with statement tiles in your design to create a unique look.

Wonderful Walls

Decorating your walls with flooring is being more and more commonplace – especially for those who enjoy industrial, contemporary, and coastal decor. Create a statement by having one of your walls decked out in wood – you could even opt for reclaimed materials to add a vintage twist.

How to Know if Your Home Has Asbestos

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At one time, asbestos was used in several types of building materials, including flooring, siding, and roofing.  As time passed, people started to have adverse reactions to asbestos, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.  When doing updates to your home, you may encounter materials such as flooring tiles that are made from asbestos. Here’s some common ways of identifying asbestos in your home.

If you suspect that your home may have asbestos tiles, you can contact a professional to take a small sample and test it for you.  Search your local area for professional asbestos abatement teams that can help you with that. Once they remove the sample, they’ll do some testing and let you know whether your tile has asbestos or not.  There may be a fee for this service, and if they find that your tile is made of asbestos, the best thing to do is to either cover it or hire the asbestos abatement team to remove it for you. There are special protocols that they need to follow for removal.

Another way to determine whether your floor may have asbestos is to try to determine the age of the flooring.  In North America, vinyl flooring installed before 1986 can be assumed to contain asbestos. Go online and take a look at some photos of asbestos flooring and see if you can match the pattern with your floor at home.  If the patterns and colors are similar, your flooring could contain asbestos.

If you can, try to identify the brand, pattern, or floor style.  Sometimes older homes will have extra boxes of tiles stored in the attic or basement.  Those boxes can help you identify the flooring and determine whether or not it contains asbestos.

If your floor does contain asbestos, be sure not to remove it yourself, as you could expose yourself to health hazards.  Keeping the floor intact is the only way to avoid releasing the asbestos fibers into the air which is how the ailments are caused.

Best and Worst Flooring Options for the Florida Climate

Best and Worst Flooring Options for the Florida Climate

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Florida’s climate is a unique experience for anyone building a home in the Sunshine State. The tropical climate is abundantly green and has sunshine most days of the year, but the challenges of the climate are apparent when building homes and structures. Florida’s humidity and rain can cause problems for homeowners, including cracking, expansion, and contraction from humidity. If you choose a floor type that is inherently incompatible with the climate, you may face curvature of your flooring and high costs in repair and re-installation fees. It’s important for homeowners to research the materials that will keep the floors in your Florida home pristine and well-maintained.

Worst: Solid Hardwood Flooring

One of the worst options in Florida is solid hardwood flooring. The ¾” solid planks are better suited for Northern climates and have difficulty adjusting to the tropical climate. Most will advise against solid hardwood flooring and instead will suggest engineered hardwood flooring, which is still hardwood but designed to better withstand the climate. Engineered hardwood typically has more flexible installation options as well.

Best: Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tile can be a good option to protect against humidity and is commonly used in Florida’s homes. Vinyl is used in high moisture areas and many homeowners use it in bathrooms as a go-to flooring type. Vinyl can imitate distressed wood or take on a modern look, from metallics and dark colors to bright ivories.

Best: Laminate Flooring

Laminated wood is moisture-resistant and doesn’t fade from sun exposure. This type of flooring doesn’t expand or curve due to high humidity and can be installed directly over a concrete base. These factors make it a popular choice among homeowners in Florida. Laminate flooring has grown in popularity over the years as technology and aesthetics of the laminate have vastly improved since it first emerged in the flooring market.

Best: Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain tiles are among some of the easiest flooring types to maintain; typically, all they require is a disinfectant and regular mopping. Porcelain tiles are water resistant and easy to clean. Homeowners in Florida like porcelain because it’s aesthetically attractive and can also mimic other floor types.

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Get Rid of your Chimney and do This

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4 Things You Can Do With the Space from a Removed Chimney

If you are considering removing a chimney from your home, you might be at a loss when it comes up the leftover space. Suddenly, the whole area of the room has altered. Look at this as an opportunity to revitalize your rooms. Chimneys can take up a great deal of area and be a huge focal point – now you have the freedom to completely change the space, energy and style.

Why Should You Remove Your Chimney?

If your own a slightly older home, chances are that you will have numerous fireplaces and chimney breasts.  Nowadays we have the luxury of central heating, leaving the chimney without its original purpose. This means they are usually kept for cosmetic reasons. If you do not use your chimney then removing the breast and stack can recover the lost space, maximizing and altering the area. Just remember the chimney breast forms part of the structure of your home, so additional support beams may need to be added in order to preserve the structural integrity. The flooring around the removed chimney will also have to be refurbished. You may also want to keep a chimney in one room but not in the others, or your neighbor’s chimney may be attached to yours. These issues can be fixed.  Seek professional assistance as there are many companies that specialize in this type of renovation.

  • Install a Smaller, Modern Fire

If your décor is more contemporary, having a large, traditional chimney and fireplace may not complement the overall aesthetic of the home – not to mention keeping a fire going is hard work! After removing your chimney, you can choose a more fitting addition that will not only look the part, but be functional too. There are a huge amount of different styles and options when it comes to flueless technology. Gas, fan or electric, you can still give the illusion of a chimney fire, without losing the space. Hole in the wall options are another ingenious way to conserve even more of the floor space.

  • Decorative Purposes

With that huge wall space, you now have a great deal of freedom when it comes to interior design. A large piece of art can become the focal point of the room, as you are not limited by the separation chimney breasts create.

  • Add Extra Furniture

You can use this opportunity to include a larger bed in a master suite, additional storage space by way of fitted wardrobes, a media center complete with a television either placed on the wall or on a stand, an ornate mirror, a larger dining table; the possibilities are endless. Look at the layout of the area with fresh eyes.

  • Converting a Single into Double

You now have the ability to convert a single, smaller space into a much larger one. This is a great option for bedrooms. Downstairs, you can opt for an open-plan living and dining area.

175 - Florida Homes How your Colors Affect your Mood

Florida Homes: How your Colors affect your Mood

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Anyone who has ever heard the phrase “feeling blue,” or understood the idea of being “green with envy,” or even had to experienced the fury of “seeing red,” should understand that certain moods inspire the thought of certain colors. Likewise, just the thought of certain colors can inspire different moods. When it comes to interior design, the colors that you choose can go a long way in helping to establish the tone of the space, whether it is modern and upscale, or old-fashioned and cozy.

Colors for emotions.

Living in a Florida home, choose interior decor colors that are reminiscent of a day at the beach, an afternoon strolling in the natural wildlife and greenery that Florida has to offer, or a tropical paradise. These are just some of the warm colors that homeowners in Florida might want to use when decorating their homes.

Greenery, which is the Pantone color of the year, should be a surefire element to incorporate into your interior design in 2017. This vibrant green shade reminds one of rejuvenation and renewal, and could be a perfect fit for anything from the yoga exercise studio to a calming space for family gathering.

Colors like red and purple inspire passion and may evoke emotions more readily. Shades like light yellow and pastel blue create calming environments, albeit low-energy ones.

Incorporating natural elements and tones, such as the colors of raw, organic wood or metals can help inspire a calming and centering mood.

Colors for accent.

Use caution when painting or decorating with bold accent colors, like black. It’s fine in moderation, but an entire room in this shade could feel heavy. Likewise, bright white can be a little too stark to paint walls or ceilings. If seeking neutral tones, go for the colors in the tan or beige family.

Whatever colors you choose when decorating rooms, or even when incorporating a little design elements, know that they can have a big role in setting the tone for the overall energy that comes out of your room. Each shade has a different emotion that it can evoke, and it’s not surprising that your mood might be affected by the different colors that you are processing – so be sure to surround yourself with the ones that make you feel the happiest and healthiest!

173 - Florida Homes How your Ceilings Affect your Room

Florida Homes: How your Ceilings affect your Rooms

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Moving into a new home, or even considering redecorating and existing home, can be fraught with details. There’s the question of what to do about window treatments, how to handle flooring, or where to begin when it comes to decor elements. Everything from the wood you choose for your bedroom furniture to the type of container used to store your toothbrushes seems to be under scrutiny. With all of those details, have you stopped to consider what’s hanging over your head- literally? Have you thought about how ceilings can affect your rooms?

Ceilings can have a big impact on your space –  just think about the Sistine Chapel! After all, while you may not be trying to turn your ceilings into a work of art, you can consider still consider the quality of material, natural lighting, and a design aesthetic when you are deciding what type of ceiling is best for your home. Choose a vision for you ceilings in certain space to help have the best impact on your rooms and your overall happiness in your design space.

Light, airy kitchens.

The kitchen is known as the heart and soul of the home, and making a kitchen into a warm, inviting space that is light and airy will go a long way in helping people feel comfortable. Make sure the kitchen ceiling is a light color, and a pattern that is pleasant. If lights are cut into the ceiling, choose a design angle that is angled in a way that does not shine directly into your eyes. Ideally, kitchen ceilings will be raised or slanted, so that they give the impression of opening into a bigger space – this can set the tone for your whole home.

Luxurious bathrooms.

Painting a bath area in a deep color, such as a charcoal, and emulating a natural element, like a stone, can help to create a sense of luxury and comfort in a space that you can use to unwind and relax in the bathtub. In contrast, all-white bathrooms can lead to a sterile feel.

Cozy living spaces.

Living room and bedrooms don’t necessarily need height in their ceilings to make them feel comfortable and lived-in, but choosing a ceiling pattern that has a little bit of texture and is painted in a warm tone can help to make your bedroom or living room have a comforting feel.

Whatever color or texture you choose for your ceiling, consider height and skylights to bring some added natural lighting to a room, when debating what kind of ceiling would be best for your spaces.

171 - Florida Homes Top # Plants that Accent your Interior Perfectly

Florida Homes: Top 5 Plants that Accent your Interior Perfectly

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Living in Florida, residents know that while most activities can be enjoyed outdoors during some months of the year, there are certain weeks, or even months, that are best spent enjoying the indoors! When indoors, it’s important to bring elements from the natural world with you, especially in 2017, a year when the color ‘greenery’ and the trend towards organic elements have inspired many interior designers to create indoor spaces that appear influenced by the outdoors.

Use natural elements like plants to accent your home perfectly!

Here are five examples of plants that can be used in Florida homes to create an impression, help purify the air, and otherwise impress homeowners and houseguests alike:

Air purifiers.

Plants that purify the air serve a double duty in your home – they are not only attractive, but they are also useful! In Florida, there are several types of plants that are perfect for use as air purifiers, as well as elements of your home that provide a pleasing effect for the eye. They typically can survive in medium to low light situations, making them perfect for homes that have shady groves in the exterior.

Low-maintenance trees. 

There are some low maintenance trees that can be placed in planters in the corner of your homes. Some species don’t grow beyond about five feet or so, and they are relatively skinny in diameter, making them perfect for a Miami apartment or the lanai of any home throughout the state! Skinny trees add an attractive element, and height, without requiring too much maintenance beyond watering and occasional fertilization.


Most commonly found in South America and other tropical climates, orchids are beautiful plants that can be found outdoors in Florida, hanging from trees, as well as in homes, in pots with mulch or moss. Orchids are a beautiful element that can thrive in your home, and look impressive when their flowers bloom. Beautiful orchid blooms, which last for several months, will add elegance and class to any home decor.

Ferns and ivy.

Ferns and ivy require little light and provide lovely touches of greenery, which is an important element in 2017 design. The Pantone color of the year, greenery, is inspiring designers to bring back that natural, organic element in design, and a real plant that can live in almost any situation, regardless of temperature or lighting, is the perfect green element for a Florida home – even a dark bathroom!

Peace lily.

The peace Lily can exist in medium lighting, which almost every Florida home achieves throughout the day. It thrives in temperate climates, and it is known to bring good energy to a space as an air freshener and purifier. It does not require replanting or fertilization often. It is a wonderful housewarming gift, and is sure to be the perfect plant to have in your Florida home!

169 - Florida Homes Best Porch on the Block

Florida Homes: The Best Porch on the Block

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When it comes to showcasing the best home on the block, a well-decorated front porch is all part of the package. Creating a space in the front of your home that is inviting, clean, and full of warm accents will give visitors a wonderful first impression as soon as they step onto your stoop. A cozy and well-designed front porch can also provide you, the owner, with a sense of peace each and every time you enter your front porch space.

Below, these are a few tips to help Florida homeowners get the best porch on the block:

Keep it clean.

It’s important to make sure to dust every so often, and to clean all ceiling fans, shelves, or glass table tops, as dust can accumulate over time. Keeping it clean can also extend to the design itself. Porches are typically small and surrounded by the outdoors, so make the most of the outdoor space and keep your furniture and decor to an elegant minimal. This will help make the porch seem bigger, and heighten the usable space for entertaining.

Use neutral tones.

One way to ensure that your front porch is the envy of every neighbor on the block is to create a palette of tones that isn’t offensive to the eye. Choose a neutral in a family that you’re a fan of -and this doesn’t mean it has to be boring! You can choose anything from the beige, white, and tan family; you can choose gray or black; you can also choose a neutral pastel shade like the Pantone color of the year, greenery. When it comes to neutral tones, the sky’s the limit!

Bring in organic textures.

In 2017, use natural greenery to distinguish your porch as a comforting space. Take a few steps to make it a place to kick back with an early morning cup of coffee or relax with an evening glass of wine. How do you turn your porch into the best one on the block? Try incorporating soothing textures that emulate organic natural environments. Since a porch is outdoors already, try drawing in natural greenery through plants and flowers, elements of stones, and organic inspired furniture made of bamboo or wicker.

Whatever steps you take to make your Florida home’s front porch the best on the block, be sure to incorporate elements that you enjoy. Whether it’s a favorite color or a unique design feature, your porch should be a space custom made for relaxing!

167 - Florida Homes 5 Ideas for your Lanai

Florida Homes: 5 Ideas for Your Lanai

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Living in Florida comes with many perks: a fairly mild climate, hundreds of miles of shore access, plenty of natural habitats for wildlife, and architecture that is designed for kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying everything the Sunshine State has to offer.

A great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your home in Florida is to maximize your lanai space, which comes standard with many homes. What is a lanai? Simply put, it’s an outdoor patio, typically covered. It can be open-air or enclosed with screens over wide windows. A lanai serves as an extension of your living room, and in Florida homes, it is perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or even dining.

Here are five ideas for making the most of your Florida lanai:

Turn it into a breakfast nook.

Get out and enjoy your lanai during the coolest part of the day in Florida! Turn your lanai into a breakfast nook that’s perfect for kicking back with a copy of the local paper and a cup of fresh squeezed Florida orange juice. Place a plush rug under a seating area, add some decorative elements, and indulge in your morning coffee while your feet also enjoy a special treat.

Go green.

Incorporate Pantone’s color of the year, greenery, by not only selecting some design elements that have hints of this color, but by incorporating lots and lots of live plants. Trees, air purifiers, ivy, vines, roses, orchids… you name it, it can probably grow on your Florida lanai. The more greenery on your lanai, the better!

Consider some upgrades.

Stucco walls and vinyl siding are fine for a starter lanai, but if you really want to turn yours into something special, consider upgrading to a type of material that suits your home’s aesthetic. Rejuvenating the color can also do wonders and go a long way toward making your lanai your own. You could also opt to have the walls removed entirely, turning your open air patio into a veranda. If inclement weather or fear of pests makes the thought of taking away the walls unsavory, then consider upgrading the ceiling with some lazy leaf fans, or other stylistic elements, that will help to move the air throughout the space.

Think thematically.

Do you dream of a tropical jungle? Turn your lanai into an at-home version of your dream vacation destination, with vibrant colors and natural, organic elements like driftwood or shells. Make your lanai a proper “surf shack” style slice of paradise right in your backyard, complete with bright colors and some coconut shell accents.

Or, perhaps an English tea room is more your style. In that case, invest in as many fresh flowers as you can possibly find, including lots of tea roses and pale pastels. Get some porcelain pieces to use as display items, and start collecting ceramic teapots.

Whatever the use you decide on for your lanai, giving it some bright plants, a decorative ceiling or walls, and a theme will help turn into a one-of-a-kind place for relaxation in your home.