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Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Autumn

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Autumn

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The most beautiful time of year is autumn. We know that we all love summer but there is nothing quite like the leaves changing colors and the weather cooling down a few degrees. But when it cools down for autumn that means that eventually winter is coming. Autumn is the perfect time for everyone to prepare for winter. Redecorating the house is a must and there are a few things you can do while redecorating to help you save money on heating.

One autumn friendly window treatment that you can add to your decor cycle is adding some drapes. Not only is this a perfect design feature for your home as the weather cools down because of the darkness it brings to your room. Perfect for a Halloween movie night, but because it can save you money on heating. Drapery is a very popular option when it comes to energy efficient window treatments for the house. It helps keep your heat in during the cooler months and helps keep the house from heating up too much in the summer months. This decor choice can help you in more ways than one.

Another autumn friendly window treatment is insulated panels. Insulated paneling is an affordable way to keep the heat in your house all autumn and winter long. Better described as a pop-in shutter, these panels can be installed without using any hardware at all. That means when it becomes summer again all you’ll have to do is pop them right back out.

If you are looking to upgrade your living space with a pop of functional and beautiful window treatments then look no further. The ultimate window treatment to help you be energy efficient this coming autumn are the honeycomb shades. These shades are designed to be stunning by their design but also save you money by putting their honeycomb design to use. The honeycomb interior of these shades helps traps air within the cellular design that then keep the room temperature controlled. These may be an investment, but it is one that will pay off ten-fold. Beautiful, dramatic, and cost effective, we can’t think of anything better.

Replacing Your Carpet Before Winter Comes

Replacing Your Carpet Before Winter Comes

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There is no better time to replace your carpet than before winter. You may be wondering why this may be and we have some interesting facts for you to consider. But before we go ahead and list reasons for you to replace your carpet before winter comes, we want you to first consider the state of your carpet.

There is no better time to replace your carpet than before winter because of the environment. Summer brings pollen which can stay in your carpet for years, this is especially bad news for those of you who have allergies. When you think of winter, more than likely you think of hibernating in your home and watching movies with hot chocolate. Well, when you are staying in your home we want you to picture your carpet full of pollen and allergens and then you may too realize that replacing your carpet is ideal before winter.

Winter is an ideal time to replace your carpet because of the installation. You will be able to enjoy your home, even more, when you have a beautiful new carpet in your living room or bedroom. When it comes to replacing carpet in the summer it is so hot and can really heat up your home.

Maximize the benefits of your carpet the whole winter. Does your carpet have a lot of wear and tear on it that just can’t last through another rough season? This is another reason we highly recommend replacing your carpet before the winter. You will be able to enjoy your cozy space and have a carpet that is keeping the house warm by keeping your heat in rather. Replacing your carpet is also a great way to upgrade your home without spending a lot of time doing so. Doing this can revamp your whole space in a matter of an hour and that just might lead to you having more people over for the holidays.

Lastly, one of the best reason we recommend replacing your carpet before the winter is because of the before winter sales. You will be able to find what you need at an excellent price that may even include installation. Now that sounds good to us!

4 Area Rug Styles You’ll Love for Fall

4 Area Rug Styles You’ll Love for Fall

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There is no better time of year than fall, don’t you agree? It is the perfect opportunity to revamp your space and take part of the festivities all around. This year we challenge you to take it to the next level and change up your home in a bigger way. Not just with candles and pumpkin spice coffees, but with big bolder statements like your area rug. When it comes to choosing your area, rug don’t make a quick decision, there are so many to choose from. There are different styles for different homes, different colors, and different feels so here are some of our favorites.

1. Shag rug

A shag rug is the perfect option to warm up your home when the winter months are on their way. Shag gives the feet a comfortable place to cozy up to even when you’re watching television. With shag rugs, we think the more simplistic the design, the better! Because it gives so much texture there is really no reason to overwhelm yourself with adding a ton of color on top of it.

2. Warm colors

Cozy right on up in your living room with an area rug that makes you feel calm and always inviting you to take a nap. A bigger area rug with warm colors like reds and blues help identify the space boundaries while making you feel the changing seasons.

3. Big, bright and bold

Just because it is cooling down outside doesn’t mean that your style has to go down with it. Don’t be afraid to take a bold step and bring a bright colorful area rug in your living space. This will be the ultimate reminder that the seasons are changing, but you’re still here to have fun!

4. Small and useful

When choosing an area rug don’t feel limited to only dressing up the bigger spaces in your home. Area rugs added throughout the home can add a colorful consistency that you can’t really find using another decor. Using matching area rugs for the front door welcome space and the kitchen space add a touch of warmth all the way through your home and not only that, they’re useful!

What Will It Cost to Remodel My Bathroom-

What Will It Cost to Remodel My Bathroom?

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What will it cost you to remodel your bathroom? Well, that is quite the loaded question, but we’ll try to give you our best answer. Remodeling your bathroom can be done in a variety of ways that it is hard to guesstimate exactly what it might cost, but we can tell you about some things that would impact your budget the most.

When remodeling your bathroom, you want to first set a budget. We get it though you are looking for something that may tell you about how much it cost so here are some numbers. Recently a study in Dallas showed that bathroom remodels cost $7,000-10,000. This number may put you in shock or it might comfort you, but either way, we recommend setting a realistic budget by considering these ideas.

One, how many upgrades do you want to make? If you are looking to remodel your bathroom but keep the same faucets then you will save a considerable amount of money. If you are looking to upgrade everything from paint to a new bathtub, you will want to reflect that in your budget. For example, updating your flooring can be a chunk of your budget, whether you are switching to large tile flooring which will keep your cost lower, or laying down heating flooring.

Two, consider what is behind the walls. Too many times we have seen the shocking looks of others who find a surprise behind their bathroom walls. This includes wood rot, mold, black mold, chewed electrical wires and more. It is important to set that budget and then only use a part of it and save the other part for incidentals. Even though we see some bigger problems in older homes due to outdated field techniques, it doesn’t mean newer homes are in the clear. This part of the budget is usually what breaks the bank.

Lastly, get quoted. You don’t want to go into a bathroom remodel blinded. If you don’t have the experience of rerouting plumbing, changing wires or installing toilets then you may want to talk to an expert. Even though a lot of us believe in doing everything ourselves, there is a time and a place to spend money on an expert and there are few places more important than in a bathroom. You don’t want to be caught having to rewire and replumb your bathroom because that could mean removing walls or even removing toilets.

3 Inexpensive Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen Space

3 Inexpensive Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen Space

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Feeling like you need a fresh start with your kitchen but you also have a small budget? Don’t worry. It is totally doable. We have put together a list of easy and inexpensive ways to change the whole look of your kitchen without breaking the bank.

1. Color change

A can of paint and some hard work can change the whole feel of your kitchen space. Although this is an inexpensive way to revamp your kitchen, it can be time-consuming. If you have wood cabinetry you can repaint it, but you are going to have to take off all the cabinet doors, and each one of them and paint. It isn’t that hard but you will want to block out a weekend for this caliber of a project. The end result is well worth it. Kitchen cabinetry makes such a bold, big statement in your kitchen because it takes up 90 percent of the walls, so change it up!

2. Display case

One way to make your kitchen space feel more elegant and sophisticated in an inexpensive way is to change one of your more prominent cabinets into a display area. If you have the proper tools, or if your friends do, you can cut out the middle of your cabinet, add a piece of glass or two for about $100 and you’ll have a cabinet to be remembered. You can also add some overhead lighting that you can find in your local hardware store which will add a warm touch to the cabinet too.

3. Clean it up

Revamping your space can include adding different looks to your cabinetry or painting it, but one thing that will always change up your space in less than a few minutes is reorganizing it. You might think that organizing your space in your cabinetry might be pointless because no one sees it, but that’s not why you would reorganize. When you reorganize your kitchen cabinets you create more space for what is on your kitchen counters. Cleaning your kitchen countertops off helps give the kitchen a new, open, clean look that everyone who enters your home will enjoy.

Upgrading Your Bathroom One Step at a Time (1)

Should You Refinish or Replace Your Cabinetry

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To refinish or to replace, the question of the day. It is no secret that upgrading your kitchen cabinetry will change the whole look. A lot of homebuyers are faced with the same question as to replace or refinish the cabinets and we don’t blame them. High-quality cabinetry can be costly and not everyone is on an unlimited budget. When it comes to your kitchen you want to add finishes that are not only going to look beautiful for years, but are going to last for years.

When you are deciding whether or not to refinish or replace your cabinetry you have to consider the quality your current cabinetry is in. If you have cabinets that are in good shape but you just hate the way they look then you might want to choose to refinish them. This choice will help you save money and time. It will be work, but if you refinish your cabinets correctly, it will pay off in the end. Also consider upgrading the smaller features on the cabinets like updating your drawer handles and adding functionality to your space, like a lazy Susan or cabinets that have pull-out shelves to reach their maximum use.

If your current cabinets are damaged and falling apart you might want to replace them. You cannot cover up damaged or broken cabinetry and you don’t want to. Buyers are looking for upgraded finishes all around and you won’t be selling your house at its maximum price if you decide to forgo the kitchen cabinetry replacement.

Something else to consider deciding whether to replace or refinish is how your kitchen is in general. A huge reason to replace your cabinets is that you want to change the layout of your kitchen. Back in the day, the kitchen used to be a more closed off space and so if you are living in a home that was built many decades ago you might find that when you’re in the kitchen you are cut off from the rest of the home. It is almost a non-negotiable these days to have an open floor concept home, and that includes your kitchen. Replace your cabinetry and restyle your kitchen if you are looking to get the best return on your investment.

Upgrading Your Bathroom One Step at a Time

Upgrading Your Bathroom One Step at a Time

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Upgrading your bathroom is an exciting time in a homebuyer’s life because more often than not the bathroom is a great place to earn some sweat equity. It also gives you a chance to put your own design and stamp on the house, but there is the inevitable stressful time period one goes through before they get to the other side. Bathroom remodels can actually be one of the most money draining areas in a home to upgrade. So, before you go swinging your hammer and removing facets, let us share some wisdom with you.

First, consult an expert. Of course, we don’t mean you need someone there every step of the way, but you will want to chat with someone in the construction field before you go removing your bathtub and cause a leak that could cause damage. You can go ahead and repaint, replace tile, or hang some fixtures sure but you don’t want to remove plumbing just willy silly. Bathrooms can cost you more than you expect because of what you might find under your floors or behind your shower walls so we recommend having an expert to give you the go-ahead before you continue upgrading. You also will want an expert opinion on any updated codes there may be for bathrooms. For example, to legally list a bathroom on the real estate market you have to have a ventilation system installed or have a window. Some counties require both. Silly mistakes like this can cost you.

Your next step will be to put a plan in place. Knowing your design plan before you upgrade your bathroom is key and a great way to help you stay within the budget…changing paint colors can really add up. In this plan, you will want to think about ways to set your bathroom apart from the rest, especially if you are ever considering reselling it in the future. You will want to think about an upgraded cost-efficient toilet, sink faucets that add a design feature and even a shower shelf for convenience. These are things that will impress anyone who walks in your bathroom.

What’s Most Important in a Kitchen Remodel- (1)

What’s Most Important in a Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen remodels are exciting, nerve-wracking and expensive all at once. The kitchen is the hub of the home, where you gather with your friends and family every single day. It is where you spend the majority of your time so you want it to be somewhere that is welcoming and inspirational. When it comes to kitchen remodeling we have seen a couple mistakes in our years of experience and so we want to give a few ideas on how to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to your kitchen space.

Work in a triangle. We noticed that not everyone uses this tip and it causes an extremely unbalanced flow in a kitchen space. What do we mean work in a triangle? Well, when you design your kitchen you should be separating your appliances in a triangle shape. You don’t want to put your refrigerator, sink, and oven all in a direct line of each other. If you have your oven and fridge spaced out and on the same wall as each other, it is usually a good idea to add the sink in on the island. You can have a great flow in your kitchen that won’t make you walk miles before you can rinse your veggies off.

What’s the most important besides the flow of your kitchen? It has to be your appliances. When remodeling you want to install top of the line appliances. Stainless steel, energy efficient appliances. Some of you may be thinking that you don’t mind downgrading a few notches to save some money, but when it comes to your kitchen you don’t want to skimp on this. The real estate market is so competitive no matter where you live these days and one thing that sells one house over the other is your kitchen. Buyers are spending more than ever purchasing homes and because of that they don’t want to settle for anything less than the best.

Keep these two things in mind when you are remodeling your kitchen and you will end up with not only a beautiful space, but a space that will give you a return on your investment.

How to Afford the Home Remodel You Want

How to Afford the Home Remodel You Want

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Too many times we think we can’t afford a home remodel because of the caliber of the work. Or we might think we can’t afford it because we honestly don’t have any idea what anything truly cost anymore. But little does everyone know, there are many different ways to complete a home remodel without completely draining your bank account. But how?

Roll up those sleeves. You want to save money and still make progress? Well, better get to work and do it yourself. There are so many things that you can do yourself if you are willing to try. From pulling up old carpet to refinishing your cabinetry. We find that the highest bills associated with remodels is the cost of labor. Have you ever been to the mechanic when your car is broken and they tell you the part cost X amount but the labor is double that? It is kind of like that. Contractors get paid because of their skill, but make extra money doing a lot of things you can do yourself.

Look it up. There is an endless amount of information on the internet showing and teaching you how to do certain things. How to install a kitchen sink or how to take the popcorn off your ceiling. Again, a lot of this comes down to your willingness to get in and get messy, we promise you it will pay off. Learning and doing things yourself in your own home also adds sweat equity. When you improve your home, you will see your home go up in value, when it comes time to sell you want to make a profit rather than making up for what you spent on a contractor.

Know when to spend. Even though you can save a lot of money doing do-it-yourself projects, you have to know when to save and when to spend. Things like installing electrical outlets or plumbing you don’t want to mess up. This is the perfect opportunity to call in an expert and needing an expert for just one day versus several days can save you thousands.

Preparing for Your Next Home Remodel (1)

Preparing for Your Next Home Remodel

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Remodeling your home can cause such a mix of emotions. There are so many different factors that go into a remodel. From choosing a contractor, finding a new morning routine, to living in a construction zone, there is a lot that can happen during a remodel and we get it. There are so many different ways for you and your family to prepare for a remodel, but in case you need some ideas, here are a few tips.

Do what you can yourself. You’ve already hired a contractor, but you don’t need a contractor to help you empty out your kitchen cabinets or to remove all furniture from your living room. Depending on the caliber of your remodel you don’t even necessarily need a contractor for tearing out those old cabinets in your kitchen. You also can remove things like fixtures and even remove flooring if need be, all by yourself. Preparing for your homes remodel this way can help you save loads of money. Doing a lot of projects, yourself can help you learn a lot too which is always a perk for a homeowner.

Something else you might not think about before your remodel is your schedule. Remodels complicate things…especially if you are remodeling your kitchen. If you don’t have a place to cook yourself a meal, then what will you be eating for the stent of the remodel? You don’t want to be paying your contractor and then be paying the restaurant industry on top of it, so consider making frozen meals that you can reheat in a bind. Another scheduling issue we have noticed stems from having a family. Having children in the home when you remodel can cause a lot of undue stress. It is a good idea to do your remodel while the kids are in school, but also remember to avoid important times of year like holidays so that your family can have a stress-free, dust-free, noise-free holiday!

Lastly, think about your pets. Pets, just like humans, can feel stress and you don’t want that for your fur-child. Try to consider how the noise and chaos of a remodel can affect your pet and then think of a solution so that not only your pet can continue living a worry-free life, but your contractor can too.